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When a Current Client wants an increase in Credit Limit, or an NEW Client wants to establish credit terms, you simply request that they complete a revised credit application at the weblink provided by Credit Oversight.  The application will be uploaded to your dashboard where you can make a decision to pull a credit report or not..

  That's it!  No guessing.


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Step 1 - Get Started -

  • You provide us with a copy of your credit application.
  • We create an online credit application and a hyperlink to your application.
  •    (You can place this link on your website, or e-mail it to your credit applicants.)
  • Your credit applicants click on the hyperlink and follow the provided directions.

Step 2 - Credit Submissions -

  • Completed credit applications will appear on your Credit Oversight dashboard.
  • You will receive an e-mail notifying you of any new application.

Step 3 - Credit Reviews -

  • From the dashboard you review the credit application
  • You can choose to run (or not to run) a Credit Oversight credit report on the applicant.

Step 4 - Credit Monitoring -

Once you make a credit decision you can enter relevant information into the dashboard, you can:

  • enter credit approval, extension, or rejection
  • add comments, attachments, and photographs as needed
  • adjust (raise or reduce) credit terms and limits
  • adjust (raise or lower) a credit score
  • place on credit hold or caution.


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