You have questions...we have answers.

Q: How does the Application service billing work?

A: For the Application service to continue beyond your trial period, you will be contacted about providing credit card information for the recurring Application service fee. This fee is billed annually to ensure the continuance of service. The fee is recurring until you cancel.

Credit reports are billed only during an authorized purchase or renewal.

Q: Do I need to buy the Application service to get credit reports?

A: No. The Application service is a separate service from our Credit Report service. You can combine the services, or you can use either service independent of the other.

Q: Will Credit Oversight work with, or complete research on, any company?

A: Credit Oversight is a family friendly company who works with, and researches only businesses offering wholesome, community friendly, B2B products and services. We reserve the right to limit or deny any Free Trial, our client base, and/or our search database to anyone or any company at any time, and with or without cause.

Q: How is a paid Credit Report delivered?

A: Both FULL and FLASH Credit Reports are sent electronically to the e-mail you provided at the time of purchase as a PDF. However, clients who use our Application service will have each pulled credit report placed directly into their Application database.

Q: Can I buy a single credit report whenever I want?

A: Yes! You can purchase as many, or as few, Credit Reports as you need! You can also buy a mix of FULL or FLASH reports, or all FULL or all FLASH reports. No pressure.

Q: Where does your credit information come from?

A: Our research is compiled from our own database, as well as from various public and private sources: inclusive of agency, state, federal, and local sources/databases.

Q: How long does it take to get a credit report?

A: Credit reports are e-mailed (or placed within an Application service user's database) within one business day after we have received payment. Process time is the same for both FULL and FLASH credit reports.

Q: Is your Application service's "Free Trial" really free?

A: Yes. Our Application service is a true 14-day Free Trial. We do not have setup fees, or hidden charges. In addition, we DO NOT collect any credit card information for this 14-day Free Trial period.